City Centre ward

City Centre ward

A smorgasbord of everything you could think of plus a ring road that goes to the centre of it, the heart of the city really. Features include beautiful parks, Plenty of retail therapy, a magnificent brutalist bus station, nightlife, entertainment, any number of businesses and a huge amount of community activity & support.

Explore the assets in your area – below is an interactive map of your ward where you can find out what’s happening locally, or you can click here to go direct to the YourMap app where things are searchable and you can add assets that are missing.

In this section we highlight images & stories about the ward from yesteryear’s – celebrating life back then and considering things we can learn from the past.

Here we document the ward at the moment – including looking at what can be seen from 100ft via a drone and a series of photographs that highlight the area. We include what might be seen as beautiful views around us but also activity & close up details that have a special dynamic, alongside interesting features that mark the territory of our area. Many of which are provided by Greg Smith for which we are very grateful.

In this section we look at any new initiatives or developments in the area that will bring positive improvements to the ward. We also look at potential sites, ideas, dreams & opportunities that might be future assets.

Below are images from the flood reinforcements being carried out along the city centre side of the River Ribble from Broadgate towards Avenham Park & beyond.

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