Ribbleton ward

Ribbleton ward

Located east of the city center lies Ribbleton, a suburb of Preston. Ideally running alongside the M6 motorway and with legions of regular bus services running through the ward, there is a myriad of easy access to surrounding towns and cities. Full of retail shops, eateries, and outlets, with its rich multicultural community, Ribbleton has something for everyone.

As easy as it is to find industrialized areas in ribbleton, it is just as easy to come across agricultural land east of the M6 motorway. Brockholes nature reserve, situated at the bottom of junction 31, welcomes endless visitors each year and is known for its preservation of nature. Ribbleton has a strong sense of community spirit and has many community-run organizations, focusing on particularly deprived areas, these organizations provide advice and support for the public to ensure an improved quality of life.

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